President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship

Launch of the             2015-2016            PNK Fellowship Call 

December, 2014 ∙ Buenos Aires, Argentina    

For 2015-2016 Call, the Fellowship has been expanded to Latin America and the Caribbean, awarding four fellowships.
Applications will be recieved from March 1st to May 25th, 2015.
Consultation period will be open from February 1st to May 24th

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Latin America on the Move

Argentine         Minister of Culture   talks with         students

November 12th, 2014 · The New School, New York

Argentine Minister of Culture Teresa Parodi visited The New School and held a close dialogue with students and faculty, discussing the task she is carrying out in her new position. Parodi, a folk singer with a long career and artistic trajectory, was appointed to head the Ministry of Culture created by the Argentine government in May. 

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Design and Development

Making Cities I³: Third     International Symposium

September 20-24th, 2014 ∙ The New School, New York               

The third international Design and Development Symposium, was held last month in New York. The event included visits to sites where innovation is taking place in New York, panels and discussions with academics and students, a workshop in the field and closed with a debate between deans from the three participating universities from around the world.

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Welcome to OLA

Michael-A_48Welcoming remarks by Michael Cohen, Director of the Observatory on Latin America and the International Affairs Program of The New School.

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