Latin America on the Move

The Rise and Fall of Rio de Janeiro: Lessons Learned

May 25th, 2017 ∙ The New School | New York

By Eduarda La Rocque. Despite the many efforts in making Rio de Janeiro more sustainable, the city is currently facing a crisis of deep negative impacts in social, urban, economic, and political terms. Today, the improvements in quality of life have reverted to 2010 levels, when the city won the bid to host the Olympic games. What happened? Before the crisis, the city was in the right path towards sustainable development with efforts such as Rio Resiliente, UPP Social and Pacto do Rio. Lessons should be learned from the road that led to this crisis. The knowledge produced by previous efforts is valuable and could be used to the city's advantage for a faster recovery.

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Latin America on the Move

OLA joins the 5th National Urban Forum in Colombia 

 April, 2017 ∙ The New School | New York

OLA Director Michael Cohen joins an interesting group of keynote speakers in Bucaramanga, Colombia during the 5th National Urban Forum (June 15th and 16th 2017). The event is envisioned as space of dialogue and collaboration between different agents of urban change. Its objective, derived from the New Urban Agenda, is to prioritize the five most important challenges (out of 12 pre-selected) for Colombian cities to work for during the next 20 years.

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President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship

Last days to apply for the 2017-2018 PNK Fellowship Call

May, 2017 ∙ The New School | New York

Applications deadline is May 21st, 2017. Consultation period will be open until May 20th, 2017. The 2017-2018 Edition of the Fellowship covers Latin America and the Caribbean, awarding four fellowships.

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Welcome to OLA

Michael-A_48Welcoming remarks by Michael Cohen, Director of the Observatory on Latin America and the International Affairs Program of The New School.

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