Michael Cohen - Urban Economy in the New Millennium

September 2017 | UN-Habitat worldwide · Global Urban Lectures

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This lecture belongs to season 2 of the Global Urban Lectures produced by UNI – UN-Habitat's partnership with universities worldwide. 

In this lecture Michael Cohen illustrates data about economic growth that demonstrate how cities act as engines of national economic development. Due to agglomeration economies, approximately 80 percent from global GDP is coming out of urban-based economic activities; 600 urban centers generate about 60 percent of global GDP. Yet, without the right focus, agglomeration economies can have deleterious negative externalities, such as harmful environmental effects, urban poverty, and intra-urban inequalities. This lecture suggests that the productive side of the city needs more attention in urban planning. In addition, the lecture addresses the issue of climate change, which represents a major threat to cities. 

View the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PGO93tAhy4


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