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1 State, Development and Social Actors in the Argentine case
2 Public policy analysis to enable women to access a life free from violence in Mexico City: an intervention proposing to work with young men for the prevention of masculine violence
3 Decolonization in the constitutional system: Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism, a comparative study between Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador
4 Kidnapping of Migrants in Transit through Mexico and the Transnational Advocacy Networks for Their Human Rights: Scope and Strategies
5 Latin America and the Caribbean and US in a new international economic scenario: changes in transmission of economic shocks
6 Urban Conflicts in Northern Amazon Region: disordered growth of wetlands/ressacas in Macapá
7 South America facing bilateral investment treaties: towards a return of the State in dispute settlement?
8 Youth and Multidimensional Inequality: the case of Argentina 2004-2014 in the Latin American context
9 Industrialization is the development strategy, but not any kind accomplishes it
10 Productive inclusion – opportunity for decent work as a right and not a duty
11 Meaningful Experiences and Art Mediation Laboratories
12 Notes on the conception of technology development for Argentina and Latin America
13 The Peruvian state's role in the reproduction of exclusion, marginalization and poverty of the LGBT community.
14 International arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism: The Argentine case in ICSID
15 Energy integration based on renewable sources as a means of development, by Lucas Noura de Moraes Rêgo Guimarães
16 Democracy and Foreign Policy in the Southern Cone of Latin America, by Mauricio Santoro Rocha
17 The Union of South American Nations: at the onset of a socio-regional integration
18 Debt, IMF and the New Latin American Left. A place for autonomy. By Lucila Rosso

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