Publication of the book "Bicentenarios en acción: Conmemoración y movilización política en América Latina"

January 2016 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

bicentenariosenacciontapa sThe Observatory on Latin America (OLA), The New School, and Ediciones Infinito, are pleased to announce the publication of the book Bicentenarios en acción: Conmemoración y movilización política en América Latina. This volume get together the production of 23 authors from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, whom reflect on the political and mobilizing character of official commemorations, emerging vindications and new protagonists, and discursive controversies in the Latin American bicentennials period.

Most of the articles correspond to the selected works of the Second International Call "Bicentennials in Action. Commemoration, Economic Crisis and Political Mobilization in Latin America", organized by the Observatory on Latin America (OLA), The New School; the International Programs Office, School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires (FADU, UBA); and the Institute of Historical Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico (IIH, UNAM).

In addition, this publication counts on with the collaboration of recognized specialists from Argentina and Chile, and with a series of brief texts about official commemorations of El Salvador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. As online contents, it is included the short film that obtained a honorific mention at the mentioned call and a digital version of the book Construir Bicentenarios: Argentina, edited by Margarita Gutman and published by the Observatory Argentina, The New School, the Fundación Octubre and Caras y Caretas, in Buenos Aires City, 2005.

In summary, this volume is the result of an international and collective effort oriented to study how commemorations were affected by economic, political and social dynamics of the region between 2009 and 2011, and the way in which bicentennials influenced those processes. In a prospective sense, it invites to whom recognize themselves as part of the Latin American Great Homeland to assume the challenge of thinking about the construction of an inclusive future for all the inhabitants of the region.

Bicentenarios en acción: Conmemoración y movilización política en América Latina. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Infinito, 2016.

The book is in bookstores in Buenos Aires at the following location:

Ediciones Infinito

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