Brazil 2020: Politics and Economics

Dorothy Hirshon Suite, Arnhold Hall, room I205 55 West 13th Street, Manhattan

Dr. Barbosa will discuss Brazil’s current political and economic challenges, a discussion that becomes relevant in a time where political changes, and demands for equality and transparency have sparked across Latin America.

Research presentation · Sociotechnical Explorer: Digital Territorial Demands in Buenos Aires

Room 716 66 W 12th Street, New York, NY

This text presents and discusses the scope of a set of visual tools, created to interpret complex data about territorial conflicts publicized by civil society through webs, blogs, and YouTube. We focus on demands sparked by problems in urban public and private space, infrastructure and environment, associated with hydric basins, sub-basins, and states of vulnerability and risk. These demands are mostly made visible by neighbors’ associations, alternative local media, NGOs, political associations, and individuals.

It’s not $30.00 pesos, it’s 30 years

Room A712, Orozco Room, The New School 66 W 12th St, New York, NY

An analysis of protest graphics and graffiti in Santiago, Chile, as a way to understand the country's current crisis.