September 16, 2009 · The New School, New York, United States

Argentinean worker-run factories developed with the worst economic crisis of this country after 2001. About 220 companies -factories without bosses- produce today without owners, managers, foremen or engineers. Nevertheless, they are economically viable, they’ve increased their salaries, have created new jobs and some of them are even exporting their products. Their workers are horizontally organized. They decide altogether by assemblies. Self-management factories also have created cultural centers, high schools, medical services and libraries. How do they do it?

Ana María Fernández is Phd in Psychology. Psychoanalyst and Institutional Analyst. Professor and Researcher of Universidad de Buenos Aires, where she is head of the interdisciplinary post-graduate program “Programa de Actualización en el Campo de Problemas de la Subjetividad”, Facultad de Psicología, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Fernández is currently head of UBACyT Research “Autogestión, Estado y producción de subjetividad: experiencias de fábricas y empresas recuperadas en Argentina.” She has been promoted to the highest researching category of Universidad de Buenos Aires and has been rewarded for her scientific work.

She serves as a guest professor at a number of universities in Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Madrid, Barcelona, and also at Université París 8, Vinecennes – Saint Denis in France. In 2002, she was invited to The Graduate Program in International Affairs at The New School University.

Fernandéz is author, among many others, of the following books: El Campo Grupal: Notas para una Genealogía. (Ed. Nueva Visión, Buenos Aires, 1989; con traducción al portugués editada por Editorial Martins Fontes de Sao Pablo, Brasil, 2006), La Mujer de la Ilusión. (Ed. Paidós, Buenos Aires, 1993), Política y Subjetividad. Asambleas barriales y Fábricas recuperadas, Biblos, 2008), Las lógicas colectivas. Imaginarios, cuerpos y multiplicidades (Ed. Biblos, Buenos Aires, 2007). y Las lógicas sexuales: Amor, política y violencias (Ed. Nueva Visión).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 · 4:00pm-6:00pm
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