On Friday, June 2nd, the workshop “2084: Constellation of Alternative Futures” was held, offered by Martín Gromez and Marcelo Sapoznik as part of the 8th DiSUR Congress held at the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU UBA).

With a full house of over 100 attendees, the workshop took place in the auditorium of the FADU library and began with a presentation by Martín Gromez, a member of the organizing team of the program “2084 Imagined Futures from the South.” Martín introduced the program, its foundations, objectives, tools, and activities, concluding with a tour of the Museum of Futures, where he presented a selection of imaginations.

Next, Professor D.G. Marcelo Sapoznik addressed the Design of Futures. His presentation focused on presenting different key moments in the thinking around the topic, its origins, development, and historical events that have shaped the path of this discipline. He also emphasized observing and paying attention to the signals that allow us to understand where we are heading and what are the most innovative and inspiring artifacts of the future.

After questions from the audience, attendees were invited to visit the museum, create visitor guides, by making a selection of imaginations, arranging them in a specific order and explaining the reasons for their selection. These guided tours will soon become a new section of the Museum of Futures, where visitors can see which imaginations have sparked the interest of others and why, thereby enriching the meanings and associations of the museum’s contents.

DiSUR is a network of design programs in public universities in Latin America, involving more than 70 programs from 7 countries. This gathering celebrated 15 years of action and consolidation of this organization that promotes the encounter, dialogue, and reflection among design programs in the region.

The program “2084 Imagined Futures from the South” is organized by the Dirección de Programas Internacionales, of the Office of International Relations of FADU UBA, and the Observatory on Latin America (OLA) of The New School University in New York. We invite you to learn more about it on our website at https://2084futurosimaginados.org/en and to follow us on Instagram for more frequent communication @2084Futurosimaginados.

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