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Course Report · State, politics and democracy in Latin America

Course report and links to the videos of the online course

State, politics and democracy in Latin America · Countries of the registered attendees table

COUNTRY OF THE REGISTEREDAMOUNTArgentina28.086Brazil6.757Colombia6.744Mexico3.849Ecuador1.602Venezuela1.243Peru1.182Chile1.130Spain868Uruguay784Guatemala745Dominican Republic635Italy522Bolivia443El Salvador443Honduras372Costa Rica353Paraguay285United...

OLA research work presented at the 17th International Conference on Urban Health ´Transforming our Collective Urban Future: Learning from COVID-19´

The project focused on understanding the differences in the evolution of COVID-19 cases in popular neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires, and it included the comparative analysis of three cases…

Open Call 2084 Imagined Futures​ from the South

The aim is to mobilize thinking about the future of our cities from a multiplicity of voices and experiences. Join the Museum of Futures! Just follow these simple steps:

Event summary · Book Presentation: Inclusión y tensiones en la cuenca Matanza-Riachuelo. Dilemas de la integración socio espacial en Buenos Aires

The authors of this book participated during the online event, as well as two renowned representatives of the academic and political field of Argentina: Roberto Doberti and Antonio Colicigno

Latest Past Events

Futures of the Past · Second Panel Discussion


In this second discussion on the history of the future, academics from the Temporalidades del Futuro group: Lorena López, José Francisco Hernández, Lasse Hölck and Stefan Rinke, will participate: Comments will be offered by Martín Groisman and Margarita Gutman.

Launch of the book La vulnerabilidad ante la incertidumbre


Launch of the book Vulnerability to Uncertainty. The situation of the child and adolescent population in Paraguay during the COVID-19 pandemic. (La vulnerabilidad ante la incertidumbre. La situación de la población infantil y adolescente en Paraguay durante la pandemia de COVID-19.)


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