November, 2014

At the Observatory on Latin America, we are preparing for the 2014-2015 President Nestor Kirchner Fellowship winners to come to New York. During the two-week working visit, the Fellows will have the opportunity to present and advance their research within the New School community. They will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with academics, practitioners and experts from The New School, other universities, and institutions based in New York City.
From November 2nd to 15th, 2014, the President Néstor Kirchner 2013-2014 Fellow Juan Martín Graña will be in New York to complete his Fellowship. The two remaining 2014-2015 winners, Daniela Gomes Metello and Beatriz Pilar Córdova Aquino, will be in New York from February 22nd to March 7th, during which they will also advance the work of their winning essays.

Juan Martín Graña (Argentina)
PhD in Economics. Researcher in Centro de Estudios sobre Población, Empleo y Desarrollo (CEPED) of the Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (FCE, UBA).
Essay: “Industrialization is the development strategy, but not any kind accomplishes it.”

Daniela Gomes Metello (Brazil)
BA in Food Engineering, Masters in Production Engineering. Advisor and Coordinator of Comité Interministerial para la Inclusión Social y Económica de Recolectores de Materiales Reciclables.
Essay: “Sustainable Development: The experience of solid waste management and the socioeconomic inclusion of waste pickers in Brazil.”

Beatriz Pilar Córdova Aquino (Peru)
BA in Politics, Masters in Governance and Electoral Processes. She is in charge of monitoring the planned activities for the 2014 regional and local elections in the Centro de Operaciones de Proceso Electoral (COPE) del Jurado Nacional de Elecciones del Perú.
Essay: “Gender quota and women positions in lists in peruvian municipal elections”.

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