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This is a tool for the appropriation of the future. Understood as true current fields of dispute, inclusive futures require containing the aspirations of society as a whole and not only of the sectors that are more exercised in it and who have more “aspiration capacity” (Appadurai, 2004).

The 2084 / Movement of Imagined Futures from the South program is aimed at mobilizing thought about the future in Latin American cities, in order to activate the construction of urban horizons of inclusion and justice. These times of profound changes are a unique opportunity to awaken future imaginations guiding collective and individual actions in the present, and provide innovative inputs for, among others, urban planning and policies.

Organized by educational and cultural establishments (universities, schools, cultural centers), it is aimed at spawning imagination of the urban future in communities as a whole and aimed in particular towards those inhabitants who have fewer opportunities to express their expectations and aspirations about the way of life in the city. Focusing on daily life as a trigger for ideas, the program encourages the legitimization of community voices, facilitating the expression of minorities and vulnerable sectors.

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