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On May 25th, 2017 The Observatory on Latin America at The New School organized a conversation with Eduarda La Rocque, Former President of the Instituto Pereira Passos, Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The lively talk took place at the Orozco room before an audience of 20 students and teachers. Professor Jilly Traganou, Associate Professor at Parsons School for Design, who has written a highly recognized book on the Olympics and runs a summer program in Rio de Janeiro, commented about the presentation. Participants were asked to read an article* authored by Eduarda La Rocque. Discussion focused on the fact that despite the many efforts in making Rio de Janeiro more sustainable, the city is currently facing a crisis of deep negative impacts in social, urban, economic, and political terms. Today, the improvements in quality of life have reverted to 2010 levels, when the city won the bid to host the Olympic games. What happened? Before the crisis, the city was in the right path towards sustainable development with efforts such as Rio Resiliente, UPP Social and Pacto do Rio. Eduarda shared lessons from the road that led to this crisis.

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This program is supported by the JULIEN J. STUDLEY FOUNDATION


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