On the requirements for the President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship

1. Are there any age restrictions?
No, there are no minimum or maximum age requirements.

2. Can I apply for two Fellowships with only one application?
Yes, Argentine candidates can apply simultaneously to Fellowships 1 and 3, and South Americans to Fellowships 2 and 3 with a single application.

3. Does unpaid work count for public service experience?
Yes, it is not necessary to have been paid for the activities in politics, public service, or civil society.

4. Are activities associated with university extension programs considered experience in the political/civil society area?
Yes, they are.

5. I was not born in a South American country, but I am a citizen of one those countries, can I apply?
Yes, all South American citizens are entitled to apply.

6. I am not a citizen of a South American country, but I am a permanent resident of one of those, can I apply?
Yes, but in the executive summary of the CV you should indicate how many years you have you been working in that South American country.

7. I am a South American but I don’t live in the region. Can I still apply?
Yes. All South American citizens are eligible to apply.

8. I applied once before. Can I apply again?
Yes. There is no restriction on candidates from past calls of the President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship. In any case, keep in mind that the forms to be completed for the 2012-2013 call differ from those of the previous 2011-2012 edition.

9. Is there any restriction on the profesional or academic focus area of the scholarship recipients?
No. With respect to areas of knowledge, the only requirement is that the essay embodies any of the following ten themes:

• International economic relations;

• Democracy and the media;

• Poverty and social policy;

• Role of the State;

• Regional cooperation and integration;

• Inclusion and social justice;

• Democracy and human rights;

• Promotion of education and political culture;

• National economic administration;

• Cities, design and development.

10. For the work certificate, is a letter from my employer submissible?
Yes. The letter should be addressed to the organizers of the Fellowship.

On the level of English required

11. I have not taken the TOEFL, which tests are considered for to present my level of equivalency?
Fluency in English is a requirement for applicants, since the interviews, meetings and seminars in New York will take place in that language.
However, as stated in the rules, the TOEFL is not the only test to demonstrate English proficiency.
The following are some of the tests accepted:
– IELTS Band 7 or above
– Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English passed with A or B
– University of Michigan Proficiency in English Test Pass or Honors
Candidates who do not possess one of these certificates can apply to take the Institutional IBT TOEFL at a local TOEFL center (check complete list of international centers on www.ets.org).

Please, scan your results and email them directly to us OLAbecaPNK@observatorylatinamerica.org. If deemed necessary, the organizers reserve the right to conduct a telephone interview with the candidates in English.

12. I will take the TOEFL, but the results will not be ready before June 4, can I apply?
Yes, it is possible to submit the application with a note indicating that the test results will be sent once they are ready.

13. I don’t have valid certificates that test my knowledge of English, but I have vast professional or academic experience using the language. Can I apply? Yes, you can apply. Indicate your experience in your CV. If deemed necessary, we will conduct a phone interview in English.

Documents to submit

13. ¿What is the difference between the CV Executive Summary and the personal statement that I need to include in the Application Form?
The Curriculum Vitae Executive Summary should be a brief text that details academic experience and work in public service for the State or within civil society organizations; while the Personal Statement should specify your reasons for applying to the Fellowship, expected benefits and future activities you expect to achieve as a result of your stay at The New School in New York.

14. Should the documents be sent by email or by postal mail?
All documents must be scanned and attached to the email in which the application is sent. All documents must be submitted together. Partial applications will not be accepted. Please send the application with all documents attached to OLAbecaPNK@observatorylatinamerica.org.

15. In what languages should the documents be submitted?
Two versions of the Application Form and the Essay must be presented: Spanish (or Portuguese) and English (forms for both can be downloaded here). Applicants who reach the second round of evaluations and who have only submitted their essay in one language will be given one week to translate it into the other language. Essays originally submitted in Spanish (or Portuguese) must be translated into English; essays originally submitted in English must be translated into Spanish (or Portuguese).

16. Can I apply with an essay that is the result of collective research?
No. The Fellowship is granted to individuals and not to teams. As such, the work must be written by an individual author.

17. Can I apply with a published essay?
Yes, you can. What must be unpublished is the final work (which is delivered once the stay at The New School has been fulfilled), since it will incorporate what has been learned during the interviews and seminars in New York.

18. Is there a specific text format that I should adhere to (source format, size, line spacing, etc.)?
No, the only direction to keep in mind is that the essay must be between 4,000 to 7,000 words in length. Theses of a longer length are accepted, but they must be accompanied by a summary no longer than the above-mentioned length.

Visa and Health Insurance

20. Do I need a United States visa to apply?
No. However, once the Jury has made its decision, it is the sole responsibility of the applicants to obtain a visa.

21. . Is it necessary to have international health insurance to apply?
No. The selected candidates can arrange for it after the Jury’s decision. The Fellowship organizers don’t require a specific health insurance plan, but they do require that the Fellows have their own health coverage when in the United States.

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