November 10-23, 2013 · The New School, New York

linzer tns   
Germán Alejandro Linzer, President Néstor Kirchner 2013-2014 fellow, arrived to The New School in New York earlier this week. Before the public lecture where he will present “Challenges of Innovation: Technological Development and Intellectual Property Rights in Latin America” next Wednesday, Germán met with experts from the university and other institutions.

“Being here, I was able to appreciate the importance of the OLA at The New School. It’s an excellent initiative to give us, Latin Americans, the possibility of sharing our experiences with other audiences here in New York, without mediations. And in the context of a university that has a very open minded culture” says German.

“In these few days, I had a very interesting work agenda. I met with professors that I had read and even quoted when I was working on my essay, like Richard Nelson, intellectual property specialist, and economist Anwar Shaikh, among others. I was able to have one on one conversations with them, and we compared different points. They all had a very open attitude to debate, and I’m sure that these exchanges will improve my work.”

Germán will continue working on his essay before the public lecture next week, “a big challenge” he is looking forward to.

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