April 11, 2008 · The New School, New York, United States

The Latin American region has witnessed a mounting opposition to neo-liberalism over the course of the last decade. Particularly the most recent developments in Bolivia and Venezuela raise questions with critical implications for various fields of study, from political economy to political theory. With keynote speaker Mr. Gustavo Guzmán Saldaña, Ambassador of Bolivia to the United States of America, and special guest Estela Carlotto, President of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and recipient of The New School University in Exile Award in 2006, these questions were addressed by a panel of experts including Sujatha Fernandes, Greg Grandin, Bernardo Kliksberg, Philip Oxhorn, Fred Rosen and David Schneiderman.

Conference organizers
The Janey Program in Latin American Studies & Observatory on Latin America, The New School

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