October-December, 2013 · The New School · New York


Global Studies, Janey Program in Latin American Studies, and
the Observatory on Latin America (OLA) presents:

Latin America in Film: Violence, Memory, Hope

a film and discussion series curated and led by:

Luis Herrán-Avila
Global Studies Teaching Fellow and PhD Candidate in History and Politics at NSSR,
whose research focuses on the transnational dimensions of the anti-communist crusades in Cold War Latin America.


la in films


In the words of Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez, Latin America’s “solitude” lies in the limits of conventional means to convey the complexities of the continent’s “outsized reality.” This series showcases Latin American filmmakers who capture this “outsized reality” and its commonalities and foreignness to the Northern gaze, conveying a universal, relatable human experience in which the ghosts of violence past haunt attempts at remembering, forgetting and forgiving, with an unlikely yet familiar outcome: relentless hope.


Oct.17th at 5:30 PM – 6 E. 16th St., Room 905
Elite Squad (Brazil, 2007. Dir. José Padilha) 
Semi-fictionalized account of Rio de Janeiro police Special Operations and Brazil’s top-grossing film.

Oct. 31st at 6:00 PM – 80 5th Ave., Room 802
The Milk of Sorrow (Peru, 2009. Dir. Claudia Llosa) 
Academy Award-nominated magic realist depiction of the fears of abused women in Peru’s recent history.

Nov. 14th at 5:30 PM – 6 E. 16th St., Room 905
The Secret In Their Eyes (Argentina, 2009. Dir. Juan José Campanella)
Academy Award-winning crime thriller about an unsolved murder and a darkly kept secret that reveal the violence of the Dirty War and its painful aftermath.

Nov. 21st at 6:00 PM – 80 5th Ave., Room 802
The Wind Journeys (Colombia, 2009. Dir. Ciro Guerra) Award-winning story of a lone musician’s journey to fulfill a long-standing promise that takes viewers to a largely unacknowledged region of Colombia, illuminating hidden and overt violence in the everyday.

Dec. 5th at 6:30 PM – 80 5th Ave., Room 802
The Violin (Mexico, 2005. Dir. Francisco Vargas) 
Film depicting a small town family’s resistance to brutal state repression in a fictional country that closely resembles Mexico.





The program is supported by the JULIEN J. STUDLEY FOUNDATION


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