The Observatory on Latin America (OLA) is pleased to announce the recent partnership with the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center, also known as “AfroResistance,” to collaborate on the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the international project “The impacts of COVID-19 in the lives of Women and Girls of African descent in the Americas“. AfroResistance is a community-based organization that works with African Descendent and Indigenous migrants from Latin American communities to address their diverse political, economic, and cultural needs. Because of OLA’s and AfroResitance’s long-standing commitment and interest in Latin American issues and the promotion of critical thinking and innovative research, both organizations have decided to collaborate within a research and education project focused on Latin America and the Caribbean.

The research project will bring to light the invisible stories of women and girls of African descent and their challenges to access healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a collective and community-based approach, the project will increase awareness of how health is understood and promote structural changes to health policies. The research project’s first findings will be presented in a series of public engagement talks during the Spring and Fall of 2021. These series aim to foster public dialogue between the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean and develop research platforms about the implementation of new health policies in the region.



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