April 30th, 2015 · Buenos Aires · Argentina

img 9113pnkmesa30abrilThe Round Table “What is it like to be a President Nestor Kirchner Fellow?” was held at the stand of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín.

Three Argentine fellows, Lucila Rosso (PNK Fellow 2011-2012), German Linzer (PNK Fellow 2013-2014) and Juan Martin Graña (PNK Fellow 2014-2015), were interviewed by Cristian Alarcon, Director of Revista Anfibia, UNSAM, who invited them to share their experiences during their two-week stay at the New School in New York.

Alberto Croce (Director of SES Foundation, PNK Fellowship Jury), stressed the orientation of the fellowship to young people, its Latin American character and its relationship to the current challenges of the region.

For over an hour, in an agile exchange of questions and comments, the fellows described their meetings and presentations at the New School. “The experience of the fellowship is impressive. It is an experience that marks life,” said Lucila Rosso to the audience. German Linzer highlighted the complex orientation of the fellowship that combines academic and social commitment. In his turn, Juan Martin Grana said that within the current range of scholarships in Latin America, “the PNK Fellowship represents a space of production of knowledge that didn´t exist”. Among the various comments and illustrative anecdotes about the meetings, interviews, seminars, conferences and exchanges with teachers and students, Germain said “I met people who I had read during my career and didn´t expect to meet in my entire life.” Lucila stressed that throughout her stay at the New School she felt as a peer; Juan Martin added “Apart from feeling as a peer, at the New School different opinions and divergent points of view are treated with great respect.” When Alarcon asked about the biggest epiphany of their stay in New York, Lucila said “The whole trip was an epiphany”. After the conversation, and because of the enthusiasm of the interviewees, Alarcon suggested “with such great fellows, PNK Fellowship should go on tour”.

The conversation was introduced by Daniela Veron, Director of UNSAM Editions, and Margarita Gutman, Director of PNK Fellowship by OLA / The New School, who highlighted the importance of this public meeting where the experiences that the fellows offer show the innovative carácter of the fellowship, as it is oriented to young people who have experience in the academic field and a strong social commitment.




This program is supported by the JULIEN J. STUDLEY FOUNDATION


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