August 13, 2014 · Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Social Development Minister of Argentina Alicia Kirchner, the President of The New School David Van Zandt and the Rector of the National University of San Martin Carlos Ruta, announced the three selected Fellows and five Honorable Mentions for the 2014-2015 President Nestor Kirchner Fellowship call on August 13th at a public meeting held at Casa Patria Grande. It was also announced that the fifth edition of the Fellowship (2015-2016) has been extended to all of Latin America and the Caribbean. Applications will be accepted from December 1st, 2014 through May 31st, 2015.

The three winners are:

Juan Martín Graña (Argentina). PhD in Economics. Researcher at the Centro de Estudios sobre Población, Empleo y Desarrollo (CEPED) of the Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (FCE, UBA). Essay: “Industrialization is the development strategy, but not any kind accomplishes it”.

Daniela Gomes Metello (Brasil). BA in Food Engineering, Masters in Production Engineering. Advisor and Coordinator of Comité Interministerial para la Inclusión Social y Económica de Recolectores de Materiales Reciclables. Essay: “Sustainable Development: The experience of solid waste management and the socioeconomic inclusion of waste pickers in Brazil”. 

Beatriz Pilar Córdova Aquino (Perú). BA in Politics, Masters in Governance and Electoral Processes. She is in charge of monitoring the planned activities for the 2014 regional and local elections in the Centro de Operaciones de Proceso Electoral (COPE) del Jurado Nacional de Elecciones del Perú. Essay: “Gender quota and women positions in lists in peruvian municipal elections”.

The selection of the Fellows and honorable mentions is the result of a rigorous evaluation process carried out in three stages. This eight-week process ensured that all the applications were evaluated by an extense and diverse jury composed by 32 well known academic and public figures from the United States and 8 Latin American countries.

The Jury emphasized the academic excellence, commitment to public service and relevance of the issues raised by candidates. It also highlighted the broad spectrum of professional fields of the candidates and the originality of their approach on issues: such as territories, regions, cities, environment, media, democracy, public policy for inclusive development and social justice.

The jury for the last stage of this evaluation process was comprised comprised of Juan Manuel Abal Medina (Argentina’s Ambassador to MERCOSUR and ALADI, former Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, Argentina), Martín Abeles (Director, Buenos Aires Office, United Nations Economic Commision for Latin America and the Caribbean – ECLAC -), Francisco Carrion Mena (Director of International Affairs, FLACSO Ecuador, and former Ecuador’s Ambassador to the United Nations), Martín Gill (National Congressman for Cordoba province; former Secretary of University Policies, Ministry of Education of Argentina), Mercedes Marco del Pont (former President of the Central Bank of Argentina), Gregorio Montero Montero (Secretary General, Centro Latinoamericano de Administración para el Desarrollo – CLAD -), Ruben Ramírez Lezcano (Director, Corporación Andina de Fomento – CAF -; former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay (2006-2008); former Permanent Representative of Paraguay to the Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración – ALADI -), Carlos Ruta (Rector, Universidad Nacional de San Martin) and David E. Van Zandt (President of the New School). Among the 21 finalists, the jury selected the three Fellows and five honorable mentions for the 2014-2015 edition.

This fourth call was open from March to May 2014, and was widely disseminated throughout South America. The Fellowship is inspired by the legacy and achievements of former President Néstor Kirchner during his term as President of Argentina (2003-2007), coupled with his important work as the first Secretary General of UNASUR (2010). It is aimed at the training of young leaders in Argentina and South America, working in the public service and academic fields. The Fellowship consists of an exchange of ideas and experiences between the Fellow and academics, politicians, and civil society members in the city of New York. It covers a two-week stay, during predetermined dates, and will take place at The New School University, where the Fellow will present his/her work and experience to students, academics, and political and civil society leaders.

The diversity and quality of the applicants for the President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship presented a real challenge for the prestigious jury, who worked with commitment and excellence to select this year’s Fellowship winners. It is the aim of the organizing institutions to honor the memory of Néstor Kirchner through developing the future potential of Latin America’s next generation of leaders.


Juan Martín Graña – Argentina
Essay: “Industrialization is the development strategy, but not any kind accomplishes it”.

Daniela Gomes Metello – Brasil
Essay: “Sustainable Development: The experience of solid waste management and the socioeconomic inclusion of waste pickers in Brazil”.

Beatriz Pilar Córdova Aquino – Perú
Essay: “Gender quota and women positions in lists in peruvian municipal elections”.

Honorable Mentions:

Daniela Miglierina Ocampos – Argentina
Essay: “Mobility or inmobility? Daily mobility in low income people from La Matanza”.

Alejandra Potocko – Argentina
Essay: “Urbanism and urbanization in the transformation processes of the territory. Sumay Pacha neighborhood in Quebrada de Humahuaca (Jujuy, Argentina)”.

Elias El Hage – Venezuela
Essay: “ICT4D as a mechanism within the educational inclusion”.

Daniel Alzate Mora – Colombia
Essay: “Health litigation in Colombia: Have we reached the limit for the judicialization of health?”.

Ariel Maximiliano Zysman – Argentina
Essay: “Mandatory secondary school within Argentina’s educational policy: Historical tensions and challenges for its inclusion from popular education”.

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