Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The new Fellows are María Sofía Bernat (Argentina); Patricia Martínez Coral (Colombia), Paulo Alas Rossi (Brazil) and Daniela Castorena Sánchez (México). They will travel to The New School in New York, in November 2017 and in February 2018, where they will present their work and meet leading academics and public officials in their fields.

wp 20170809 078 sFive honorable mentions were also awarded. Winners were selected among 107 candidates from 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, by a prestigious jury composed by 52 renowned academics from Latin America and the United States.

The event was lead by: the President of The New School, David E. Van Zandt; UNSAM’s Rector, Carlos Ruta; the Fellowship’s Directors, Margarita Gutman (The New School) and Marcelo Bufacchi (UNSAM); and The New School’s OLA director, Michael Cohen.

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Bernat, María Sofía (Argentina)
Essay: “The Relocation of the Slum of Ringuelet (Argentina) and the Emergence of Modes of Organization”.

Martínez Coral, Patricia Eugenia (Colombia)
Essay: “Balance of the Colombian Policy of Universal Access to the Internet: Evidences on the Importance of the Institutional Design”.

Alas Rossi, Paulo (Brazil)
Essay: “”Peripherization” in the Brazilian Federal Social Housing Program”.

Castorena Sánchez, Daniela Casandra (México)
Essay: “Citizen Security as a New Paradigm to Address the Various Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean from a Local Perspective”.

Honorable Mentions:

Medici, Chantal (Argentina)
Essay: “Feminist Movement and State Agenda of Abortion. Argentina (2006-2015)”.

Hurtado Delgado, Simón Antonio (Venezuela)
Essay: “Ombudsman Office and Human Rights of LGBTTI people: An Indicator of Venezuelan Political Context”.

Lelio, Macaira (Brazil)
Essay: “Metropolitan Governance and Disaster Management: The Case of Rio de Janeiro”.

Esper Tomás (Argentina)
Essay: “”Going to School with Books is Better”. Critical Analysis of a Management Experience at La Matanza Municipality”.

Torres Cordeiro Rennó, Izabel (Brazil)
Essay: “Shaping Cultural Identities in the Slums of Rio de Janeiro: A Community-Driven Strategy for urban inclusion”.

This program is supported by the UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE SAN MARTIN

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