Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IIH-UNAM) · April 21st, 2010

As part of the 2nd International Call “Bicentennials in Action” the Second Regional Workshop was held at the Institute of Historical Research of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IIH-UNAM). Specialists from Mexico and Argentina participated in the meeting and more than 60 undergraduate and graduate students of the UNAM attended.

The Regional Workshop, organized by the IIH-UNAM, with the support of OLA and the Bicentennial Program of the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA), was attended by Alicia Mayer, Director of IIH, and Estela Morales, coordinator of research institutes of the UNAM, who gave welcoming remarks and stated the importance of the UNAM participation in the academic initiatives designed to stimulate, reflect, and addressed the bicentennial commemoration of the Latin American countries.

Afterwards, Louise Noelle Gras (Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, UNAM), Virginia Guedea (IIH-UNAM) and Ileana Versace (FADU-UBA) presented, respectively, the 2nd International Call, the actions taken to the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution in Mexico, and the Latin American perspective of the bicentennial commemorations.

Finally, there was a presentation of the audiovisual work “Plaza de Mayo 200 years”, by Graciela Raponi and Alberto Boselli (FADU-UBA). It is the winner of one of the five awards of the 1st International Call “Building Latin American Bicentennials in the Age of Globalization”.

The level of popular participation in different countries, the impact of public and private initiatives in different cities in the hemisphere, and the role of the media and academics regarding the commemorative activities were subjects that surfaced in the audience.


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