The Observatory on Latin America organizes a seminar to discuss the research of Luis Ortiz, OLA Visiting Scholar 2018-2019. Professor Ortiz holds a PhD in sociology from the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in France and an MA in social sciences from FLACSO in Mexico. His research focuses on the relationship between education, social welfare, and labor inequalities in Paraguay over the last 30 years. These changes have two main characteristics: the general increase in school enrollment of the Paraguayan population and the persistence of social inequality. Ortiz explains that an educational reform at the beginning of this period played an important role in expanding access to education for the entire population. However, in the face of an increasing concentration of the income, the promise of “equality of opportunities” is not being fulfilled. Acute social inequalities question the possibility of satisfying these demands, which opens a series of questions about the relationship between education and the social structure in the country during the next decade.

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