Milena Dotta

This document is the final work of the “Especialización en Explotación de Datos y Descubrimiento de Conocimiento” of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, directed by Dr. Marcelo Soria, and was carried out by the author to comply with graduation requirements.

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In the present work we sought to complement and contrast through a systematic approach and the use of visualization tools, employing Python programming language, the results obtained by the FADU team of the UBA and OLA The New School in its analysis of a set of extra-disciplinary urban anticipations in the context of the City of Buenos Aires (CABA) and South Buenos Aires Metropolitan areas (GBA Sur). We tried to replicate analyzes carried out in the original work and complement them using some word processing tools (NLP). Differences were found in the problems between CABA and GBA Sur, the central axis of the first region being housing and the second, infrastructure issues. Additionally, it was observed that they present their correlation in the NBI index (unmet basic needs) of the analyzed regions.



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