April 5-11, 2014 · Medellín, Colombia

The Design and Social Development Program, integrated by integrated by The New School University, New York; the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (FADU-UBA), the Faculty of Social Sciences ( FSOC-UBA) and the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, participated at the World urban Forum 7 “Urban Equity in Development – Cities for Life”, organized by UN-Habitat, through the following activities:



Wednesday April 9th, 2:00PM, Yellow Pavilion, Room 1

Chair: Margarita Gutman, The New School, New York, and UBA.


• Ariel Misuraca, Professor and General Secretary, FADU, UBA;

Contexto para el estudio de tensiones socio-espaciales en la Cuenca del Matanza‐Riachuelo, Región Metropolitana de Buenos Aires: Hábitat, Ambiente y Producción, by Adriana Clemente, Margarita Gutman, Carolina Magnoli, Nahuel Mandrini, Ariel Misuraca, Pedro Nolasco, Ileana Versace. Con la colaboración de James Foley, Izakun Martínez Castillo, Julia Nesprías, y Laura Wainer.

• María Carrizosa on behalf of Robert Buckley, the New School.

Bloomberg y Piketty sobre el renacimiento de Nueva York, by Robert Buckley, Alissa Chisholm, and Lena Simet.

Comments: Michael Cohen, the New School, New York and Ariel Pradelli, Professor and Secretary of Operations, FADU, UBA and Luis Bruno, Dean of FADU UBA

The first paper examines the background in the management of habitat, environment and production in urban plans for Buenos Aires, on the other hand a number of mapping the current status of these issues in the Lower Basin were presented Matanza Riachuelo, then the social impact of public policies appeared to be close to a number of hypotheses for future work on exposed socioespaciales tensions.

The second paper analyzes the book Capital in the Twenty First Century by french economist T. Piketty, which deals with the variations and the distribution of wealth and inequality since the eighteenth century in several countries establishing conexions with urban economies in general and New York in particular, as a city that boasts the highest levels of wealth and inequality.



Thursday April 10th, 4:30PM, Yellow Pavilion, Room 8

Chair: Michael Cohen, The New School, New York.


• William Morrish, The New School,
Making Urban Society, by William Morrish

• Juan Pablo Scaglia, Professor, FADU, UBA
Diseño Inclusivo y Gestión Pública, Tensión Entre Calidad y Masividad en las Políticas de Ampliación de Derechos, by Juan Pablo Scaglia

Comments: Alison Mears, The New School, and Guillermo Cabrera, Professor and Academic Secretary, FADU, UBA

The second paper examines the role of design in social inclusion policies implemented in Argentina in the last decade. Particularly analyzes the case of linkage programs that the Ministry of Social Development of Argentina (MDS) has established with the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU – UBA) since 2008 with the aim of linking designers with social microenterprises in order to increase the added value and saleability of their products.

The delegations to the World Urban Forum

FADU, UBA, Buenos Aires

Luis Bruno, Dean , FADU, UBA
Ariel Misuraca, Professor, General Secretary, FADU, UBA
Guillermo Cabrera, Professor, Academic Secretary, FADU, UBA
Ariel Carlos Pradelli, Secretario Operatativo, FADU, UBA
Juan Pablo Scaglia, Associate Professor, Architect, FADU, UBA
Ileana Versace, Assistant Professor, FADU, UBA

The New School, New York

Robert Buckley, Senior Fellow, The New School for Public Engagement, New York; Former Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation; Former World Bank Senior Advisor
Michael Cohen, Director of The Observatory on Latin America, Directory of the Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School
Desiree LaVecchia, Coordinator, Observatory on Latin America, The New School
Margarita Gutman, Professor, FADU UBA & Associate Professor, The New School
William Morrish, Professor, Parsons The New School for Design
Alfred Zollinger, Professor, Parsons, The New School for Design
María Carrizosa, Program Associate, OLA, The New School
Alison Mears, Dean he School of Constructed Environments, Parsons, The New School
James Foley
Laura Wainer


This program is supported by the JULIEN J. STUDLEY FOUNDATION


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