by Javier Pérez Ibañez, 2016-2017 President Néstor Kirchner Fellow

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As my colleague Bianca said, the President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship represents an impulse for the daily work that each of us performs, from one’s small place, for a fairer continent. In front of a university course or leading a community, speaking through a megaphone or posting on social networks, in the mud of a neighborhood or at a desk of a public ministry, thousands of young people in Latin America fight to transform “Our America”, the fellowship is rooted in this vocation.
As Fellows we have the opportunity to exchange our ideas and experiences with excellent teachers of the New School, and these are not only heard with great interes but also enriched by different perspectives. Everything culminates with a public presentation where we are required to present our ideas in an orderly and coherent manner.
Nestor Kirchner called the youth to become a turning point of the new time, calling on them to be transgressors. The scholarship then tries to contribute to this generation of transgressors and those of us who are fellows have the responsibility to be them.

Argentina, March 2017


This program is supported by the JULIEN J. STUDLEY FOUNDATION
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