by Sergio Miranda Hayes, 2016-2017 President Néstor Kirchner Fellow

hayes frentetnsWhat does it mean to be a President Néstor Kirchner Fellow?

The President Néstor Kirchner fellowship had awakened feelings and ideas in me from the depths of my will to protect the disadvantaged and to propose solutions to the problems of the social environment. Every particle of the immense city of New York declares the greatness of a construction made by all which implies people from different cultures, races, and nations. The most interesting product of this city is the New School. A university that emanates progressivism, where each one of its members is imbued with social commitment and fights against a system that has not worked out. All the actors who make the President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship possible are warriors of change, committed to Latin America, which has awakened in all my time there respect, admiration and desire to continue in the struggle for social change. The cordiality of the people who have made the scholarship possible is unmatched. Visits and interviews have helped to broaden my thinking and, of course, have made a shift in my career prospects. I believe that after being a PNK Fellow, I am a person with greater breadth of social analysis and have new personal and academic goals, which makes this experience a landmark for my interests as a social and academic leader. I would not change my visit to the wonderful city of New York and to the most progressive university in the world for any other experience.

Bolivia, November 2016

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