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The Observatory on Latin America (OLA) at The New School, a university in New York, and the online news site Citiscope have launched a partnership to broaden the debate and dialogue throughout Latin America about urban challenges and innovation – and specifically, over the next few months, to focus on the United Nations’ upcoming Habitat III conference on the future of 21st-century cities.

Citiscope, which offers extensive coverage of the worldwide debates leading up to Habitat III and broader coverage of urban innovation around the world, will work together with the OLA, which has long worked on urban issues in Latin America. Key news stories and commentaries will be selected for translation into Spanish, which will be managed by the OLA staff. OLA will distribute the articles widely through dispatches to its extensive Latin American network via a biweekly email newsletter and social media outreach.

Readers are encouraged to forward this email to friends and colleagues they believe will be interested in Habitat III, encouraging them to subscribe.

New School leaders Michael Cohen and Margarita Gutman note that “OLA is pleased to be collaborating with Citiscope, a well-known online publication about urban innovation that is now the leading media source reporting on the preparation and outcomes of the UN Habitat III conference in Quito this October. The collaboration builds on OLA’s regional audience and network of academic and civil society institutions.”

Citiscope, notes its editor-in-chief Neal Peirce, views the partnership with OLA as a “significant first step toward broadening Citiscope’s audiences in the Spanish-speaking world.” He notes that Citiscope’s long-term goal is “outreach to an increasing range of cultures and languages worldwide in the interest of heightened city-to-city learning across geographic and language barriers.”

For background on Habitat III and the current process, read the following coverage from Citiscope:


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Newsletter #10

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Newsletter #9

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Newsletter #8

Critical perspectives on Habitat III

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Newsletter #7

Nations adopt global strategy on sustainable cities, capping two-year process

The Quito Papers: An intellectual counterpoint to the New Urban Agenda

How quickly will governments respond to the New Urban Agenda?

Official commitments to New Urban Agenda off to a slow start

Nations set to adopt 20-year strategy on the future of cities

50,000 gather in Quito for Habitat III, a once-in-a-generation summit on the future of cities

Quito Mayor Mauricio Rodas wants to show off a city of urban innovation and solidarity


Newsletter #6

A cautionary note for Habitat III: Decentralization can lead to centralization

New Urban Agenda good on ‘what’ but not on ‘how’, critics warn

Final version of New Urban Agenda available in Spanish

Cleaning up Manila’s Pasig River, one tributary at a time


Newsletter #5

After Habitat III, we need to institutionalize our urban policy dialogues

Historic consensus reached on ‘right to the city’ in New Urban Agenda


Newsletter #4

Final burst of talks results in consensus on draft New Urban Agenda

Developing countries face a catastrophic lack of urban planning capacity

On the U.S.-Mexico border, Matamoros and Brownsville plan a binational bike trail

Who’s really left behind in today’s most dangerous cities?


Newsletter #3

How do we ensure broad buy-in to the New Urban Agenda?

Delayed by earthquake, Ecuador moves forward on national urban priorities for Habitat III


Newsletter #2

Habitat III loses proposed Multi-Stakeholder Panel — for now

Countries made only marginal progress on urban commitments since 1996, index finds

Three lessons for cities in Denmark’s clean-energy revolution


Newsletter #1

How are governments responding to the revised draft New Urban Agenda?

How will we know if the New Urban Agenda has been successful?

What Mexico City learned by devoting an office to designing public spaces

Cities clamour for a seat at the table of the U.N. countries club

‘Brexit’: A wake-up call for the New Urban Agenda



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