On March 26, Professors Margarita Gutman and Michael Cohen were two of the 7 panelists who spoke at the online International Forum on Cities and the Coronavirus organized by the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO, Quito) and 20 international urban networks, including the New School through the SGPIA and the Observatory on Latin America (OLA).

The panelists represented voices from 5 continents and Margarita and Michael were asked to represent North America. They spoke about the contrasts between NY and Buenos Aires in terms of the impact and spread of coronavirus, the important role of political leadership, and the emergency policies put in place in each case. Ecuador Spain and China were also represented in the panel with experiences and lessons from Quito, Barcelona, and Beijing. About 250 people participated within the Blackboard platform and another 2,000 participated through Facebook and YouTube, with challenging comments and questions coming from Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, and Spain.

This International Forum will be followed by two other fora, held at two week intervals, and is now available in video online. (Our participation is from min 49’ to 67’) Most of the presentations and comments are in Spanish: https://ca.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/playback/load/700d984ecd674b27ba49f63f696a30fe

Download/view summary pdf (in Spanish)



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