September, 2016 | The New School, New York

At the Observatory on Latin America, we are preparing for the 2016-2017 President Nestor Kirchner Fellowship winners to come to New York. During the two-week working visit, the Fellows will have the opportunity to present and advance their research within the New School community. They will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with academics, practitioners and experts in each of their fields from The New School, other universities, and institutions based in New York City.

From November 6th to 19th, 2016, the President Néstor Kirchner 2016-2017 Fellows Sergio Miranda Hayes and Isabella María Esquivel Ventura will be in New York to complete their Fellowships. The two remaining 2016-2017 winners, Javier Ignacio Pérez Ibáñez and Bianca Moro de Carvalho, will be in New York from February 26th to March 11th, 2017, during which they will also advance the work of their winning essays.

Pérez Ibáñez, Javier Ignacio (Argentina)
BA in Sociology with specialization in Economics. Pursuing a Master´s degree in Economic Sociology. International trade specialist. University teacher and researcher.
Essay: “State, Development and Social Actors in the Argentine case”.

Miranda Hayes, Sergio (Bolivia)
BA in Law, Political and Social Sciences; Master in Governance and Human Rights, and Master in Law. Currently attending free of charge cases to indigenous organizations in situation of poverty.
Essay: “Decolonization in the constitutional system: Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism, a comparative study between Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador”.

Moro de Carvalho, Bianca (Brazil)
PhD in Urbanism, and MA in Housing and Urbanism. Professor of History of Architecture and Urbanism. Former coordinator of Housing at the State of Amapá, Brazil.
Essay: “Urban Conflicts in Northern Amazon Region: disordered growth of wetlands/ressacas in Macapá.”

Esquivel Ventura, Isabella María (Mexico)
BA in International Relations, and Master in Public Policy and Gender. Specialized in public policy for gender equality and for gender based violence prevention, including the masculinities perspective; human, environmental and gender security and development; and democratic governance. Currently working as a public official in Mexico City’s Government, as well as an independent consultant on public, institutional and international policies for gender equality.
Essay: “Public policy analysis to enable women to access a life free from violence in Mexico City: an intervention proposing to work with young men for the prevention of masculine violence”

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