by Mónica Salmón Gómez, 2015-2016 President Néstor Kirchner Fellow

img 2367tns monicaThe President Néstor Kirchner PNK Fellowship meant to me the chance of being part of an academic and social spot full of trust and mutual support with a prominent vision over Latin America.

I felt professional and personally accompanied during my whole stay at New York. The fellowship team encourages us to continue our engagement in the field we’ve been working on. It is important to highlight that we acquired a set of tools during the fellowship that allows us to do networking and to achieve a broader perspective.

It was great receiving substantial comments related to our research project from experts at The New School and from Universidad Nacional San Martin. Few times in life, someone has the chance to be read so carefully by professionals and academics in your field as much as a President Néstor Kirchner fellow.

Besides, the PNK Fellowship has an excellent attribute which is the support to young leaders in Latin America with a profile that combines the social and academic work. From my point of view, if we want to have a dignified and just society this is an essential link that we need to push forward. Also, the way in which academia recognized the role of the human rights movement and how they impact in public policy and social justice is been a sign of hope.

Two full weeks, meeting with all kind of actors and hearing from different approaches. In one hand, the fellowship enriched my point of view and offered me a way to understand more deeply the complexity and the contradictions within this world. And in the other hand, it offers a set of options to keep on developing yourself professionally speaking.

The PNK Fellowship was a full and enriching experience. I came home with a great sense of gratitude with the people that trusted me and keep on supporting this fellowship.

Thank you very much!

March 2016








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