VV.AA. , CLACSO-OLA Scholarship Competition

These five documents are part of the results of CLACSO-OLA 2013-2014 scholarship competition: “Thirty years of democracy in Latin America: change processes, achievements and challenges”, supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), in which eleven fellows from ten countries in Latin America were selected.

The Fellows participated in different events that included a conference at the Pocantico Conference Center in Tarrytown, where they presented and discussed their work with other academics; a public seminar at The New School University, where they also discussed and received comments from professors and graduate students, and a half day conference at the United Nations (UN), sponsored by the Argentinean and Swedish missions to the UN.

+ Read Democracy and Human Rights. Key aspects of the reconfiguration of the Uruguayan left (1980-2014), by Ana Laura De Giorgi (.pdf)

+ Read The impact of 30 years of neo-liberal reforms in the public perception of relationship between democracy and human welfare in Costa Rica, by Laura Alvarez Garro (.pdf)

+ Read Intermittent Democracy in Central America: reflections and recommendations, by Pablo Uc (.pdf)

+ Read The challenges to Foster Citizen Participation: some reflections on the Chilean case, by Sofía Donoso (.pdf)

+ Read The quality of Salvadoran Democracy, evaluated from the achievements in the Right to Communication of its citizens, by William Carballo (.pdf)