This book was made as a catalog for the exhibition “Buenos Aires 1910: Memoria del Porvenir”. Made in the Abasto of Buenos Aires between May and July 1999; in the atrium of the World Bank Central Building in Washington DC between September and November 1999 and at the World Financial Center in New York between February and March 2000.

The exhibition was directed by Architect Margarita Gutman, and organized by the International Institute for Environment and Development IIED-Latin America (IIED-AL); Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA); National Endowment for the Arts; Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, California; and The World Bank.


Index and links to the PDF files

see pdf – 01. Title and Bibliographic information (pp.1 – 6)
see pdf – 02. Curatorial Team and Sponsors of the exhibition (pp.7 – 11)
see pdf – 03. Exhibition Design (pp.12 – 13)
see pdf – 04. Acknowledgments and Prologues (pp.14 – 31)
see pdf – 05. Introduction (pp.32 – 45)
see pdf – 06. Section 1: The doors of the river and the doors of the land (pp.46 – 97)
see pdf – 07. Section 2: Living in Neighbourhoods: one million voices, one hundred different languages (pp.98 – 151)
see pdf – 08. Section 3: Metropolitan Rhythms (pp.152 – 227)
see pdf – 09. Section 4: Building the Great Capital (pp.228 – 319)
see pdf – 10. Section 5: Centennial Euphoria and Metropolis Future (pp.320 – 395)
see pdf – 11. References for photographic details (pp.396 – 399)
see pdf – 12. Epilogues (pp.400 – 415)
see pdf – 13. Exhibited pieces Catalog (pp.416 – 481)
see pdf – 14. Bibliography (pp.482 – 495)
see pdf – 15. Chronology (pp.496 – 518)
see pdf – 16. Index (pp.519 – 525)

download pdf – Libro completo

Reproduction of the back cover text:

“Buenos Aires 1910: Memory of the Future” is a multimedia and contemporary exhibition that shows the wealth and power of the city at a decisive moment in its history, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Past, present and future. Images, objects and sounds. Inventions, anticipations and dreams. Conflicts and euphoria. They were all part of Buenos Aires 90 years ago.

This bilingual book contains a visual story based on 260 images and objects from 40 public and private archives. 100 of these objects have been preventively preserved in the Conservation Laboratory of the Antorchas Foundation. These images are illuminated by texts by 40 historians, architects, academics, civil servants and politicians.

They show fragments of the daily life of our ancestors and the way they prepared to live a future of unlimited progress. That future is our present. That anticipated city is the one we live in today. It is time to build the future of memory.

Data sheet:

Book Buenos Aires 1910: Memory of the Future
Edition: Margarita Gutman

Editorial Design: Paola Argento, Andrea Chaskielberg, Malena Gagliesi, Ricardo Mendez
Edition: Margarita Pierini

Dimensions: 31cm x 24cm
Pages: 528
Printed in 4 colors on illustration paper
Languages: Spanish and English (bilingual)

Published by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, FADU-UBA and IIED-AL in 1999.

Margarita Gutman editora. IIED- América Latina, FADU-UBA, The Getty Research Institute. ISBN 950-99268-7-6

This book has received the First Prize for the best book published in the last 5 years in Ibero-America on Architecture, Design and Urbanism at the II BIENAL IBEROAMERICANA DE ARQUITECTURA E INGENIERIA CIVIL, held in Mexico City in September 2000.


© 1999 Instituto Internacional de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo IIED – América Latina

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